How to steal a pizza

Help this pizza business defend against cyber attacks

Pizzas stolen
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Lesson overview

In this interactive lesson, you'll step into the shoes of a cyber security consultant and help a business test their website's security.

Nowadays, many shops and companies rely on technology to run their business. From taking customer orders online, to emailing suppliers, to trading with other businesses. We need more cyber security specialists to help defend against cyber criminals.

Your client is Auld Lang Slice, a pizza restaurant in Prestwick. They're about to launch a new website that lets customers to make orders online. They've asked us to perform an investigation of their website to help spot security issues.

Auld Lang Slice is a fictional company, so you're not actually breaking anything - but it'll give you an insight into how a business can protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Let's see how many security vulnerabilities you can find.

  • Gather intelligence to create a report about the security of their website.

  • Investigate the software and tools the website is using.

  • Using the intelligence you've gathered, find a security vulnerability and use it to break the website.

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