Use Open Source Intelligence to Investigate Broughty Ferries

Use Open Source Intelligence to confirm or deny illegal activity at Broughty Ferries

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Lesson overview

Investigate Broughty Ferries using Open Source Intelligence, an important cyber security reconnaissance technique. You'll investigate suspicious activity at a ferry company and see if you can uncover a conspiracy to import counterfeit trainers. OSINT is all about using legal and cutting edge methods to discover publicly available information about a subject. You'll use standard OSINT methods to discover all that we can about the inner workings of Broughty Ferries and hopefully be able to confirm or deny their involvement in illegal activity. The workshop is suitable for learners from P7-S4. No previous cyber security knowledge is required.

  • Learn about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), an important cyber security reconnaissance technique

  • Use OSINT skills to scour the Broughty Ferries website looking for evidence linking them to a criminal gang

  • Use a command line tool called whois to query public records

  • Finally, use an Internet archive tool (the Wayback Machine) to look at the history of a website and reveal crucial evidence on a deleted page

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