Hide secret messages with steganography

Use digital skills to catch The Artful Hacker, an art thief and cyber criminal

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Lesson overview

On the same night, twelve priceless works of art vanished from museums around the world. A crime of this scale could only have been accomplished by a network of criminals following the orders of a criminal mastermind.

We’re investigating The Artful Hacker, a skilled art thief, master forger, and cunning cyber criminal. We think The Artful Hacker has been sending coded messages to his accomplices around the world by hiding secret messages inside famous paintings.

Cyber criminals are always trying to find new and creative ways to secretly communicate and outsmart the police. One way is using a technique called steganography, which involves encoding messages within seemingly innocent files or images.

We need your help. As a cyber security analyst (and patron of the Arts) you must crack the criminal’s code and find the missing masterpieces.

  • Discover how steganography is used to hide secret messages in plain sight

  • Use a steganography app to extract hidden messages from inside files

  • Pieced together the clues to discover the Artful Hacker’s hiding place

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