Cracking one million passwords with Python

Use Python code to see how cyber criminals can 'crack' passwords

Passwords Cracked
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Lesson overview

Passwords prevent other people from accessing our computers, our personal emails, or important websites. In this interactive lesson, you'll step into the shoes of a cyber criminal and use computer code to attempt to 'crack' a massive collection of passwords. The video streaming website Catflix has been attacked by a gang of cyber criminals. The gang have stolen the login details for 1 million customers and released them onto the web. Now its your turn. You can write code to try and work out the passwords in the leaked list. Follow the instructions and lets see how many of the one million passwords you can crack.  

  • First, you will look at the leaked file containing the login details of one million customers

  • Using Python, you can write code to try to work out the passwords on the leaked list

  • See how many passwords you can crack

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