Refine The Design

Think like a Human-Computer Interaction expert and help design an easy-to-use music app

Design decisions made
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Lesson overview

Scotify, a Scottish music streaming service, is launching a new music app. They want to attract users to sign up, so their goal is to make their app easy to learn and use, accessible for everyone, attractive and pleasing to look at Your task is to take on the role of a Human-Computer Interaction researcher. You'll look at the app and evaluate how well it meets these goals. During this evaluation, you’ll need to think about what it is that makes an app “easy to use”, and make suggestions about any usability problems you find.

  • Investigate what makes an app “easy to use”

  • Learn how icons are used to make an interface

  • Make design decisions that considered the needs of users with disabilities like visual impairments, motor difficulties, and dyslexia.

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