Debugging Coding Disasters with Python

Find and fix the mistakes in these Python programs

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Lesson overview

Can you find and fix all the “bugs” in these Python programs?
We’ve created some small programs written in Python, one of the most popular computer programming languages in the world. But each program has at least one “bug” in it.
What is a bug?
In computer programming, a bug is a mistake in the code. Sometimes the bug might be easy to fix (like a typing mistake or a misspelling). Other times it can be trickier to spot. Your task is to find and fix the “bugs” that are stopping these programs from working. These challenges are based on real-life challenges that software developers face every day. This is a chance to get hands on with Python code. Now it’s time for you to hunt those bugs!

  • Use software development skills to fix a series of bugs in Python programs

  • Read Python code to understand what it does

  • Read and interpret error messages

  • Edit, amend, or write Python code to fix the bugs

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